Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

The standard quantum theory explains that all the particles in the universe have no definitive states that is, until they are measured. Additionally, when two particles interact, they become entangled on a quantum, sub-atomic level and get rid themselves of their individual probabilities. Researchers have now set out to discover whether time plays a part in quantum mechanics, with the distance between the particles not being a factor.

As there is nothing in the laws of physics that states that time should move forward, with physicists saying that time could have gone backwards if things had panned out differently from the Big Bang, experts wanted to see whether this is yet another rule that quantum mechanics ignores. Many interpretations effect the future scope of cosmos through quantum mechanics.

  • Optical gating
  • Locality principle
  • Quantum logic
  • Artificial intelligence in quantum control
  • Global positioning system
  • Quantum physics Formulation
  • Hidden Variable Theory
  • Bell test

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