Quantum Thermodynamics

Classical thermodynamics is unrivalled in its range of applications and relevance to daily way of life. Quantum thermodynamics addresses the emergence of thermodynamic phenomena from quantum mechanics It enables a description of complex systems, made up of microscopic particles of entropy. Recently many researchers have a surge of interest in exploring the quantum regime, where the origin of fluctuations is quantum rather than thermal. The field of quantum thermodynamics is going through rapid development with contributions from many fields of science physics, such as open quantum systems, quantum information, quantum optics, statistical physics, solid state, cold atoms, optomechanics

  • Foundations of quantum thermodynamics
  • Quantum heat engines
  • Thermalization
  • Irreversible Entropy Production in Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium
  • Coherence and measurement in quantum thermodynamics
  • Quantum refrigerators
  • Quantum fluctuation relations
  • Quantum signatures in thermodynamics
  • Information thermodynamics

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